Tiptop Teen Super Adventure

Tiptop Teen Super Adventure game is classic, arcade platformer game with beautiful pixel art graphics. Cute little teen have to go through dangerous places, avoid traps and defeat enemies and titan hard bosses at the end. Tikko must shoot,fight and smash enemies and collect coins to by new lives or bullets. There is huge levels, filled with foes and hidden areas. It’ll be a long while before your Tikko teen will unlock all secrets and go through all worlds.
This game with engaging levels, fun characters and awesome tok music will entertain you for a long time. Travel across dangerous jungle, cave, collect coins, gold, acceleration props to help you defeat the monster! Run, jump, collect coins and defeat enemies in this tough-as-nails platformer! And do not forget your friends to join the adventure.

Horrible thing note: each adventure world ends with a final boss, challenge him!

Tiptop Teen Adventure game Features:
+ Super challenging fast paced action
+ 100 well-designed challenging levels
+ Simple and handy controls
+ Stunning pixel graphics
+ Nice old school soundtracks
+ Many traps, such as saws, chains etc
+ Many different enemies
+ Titan hard bosses after every world

Tiptop Teen Super Adventure game is completely free to play, so don’t wait, download it and go stright into this awesome adventure!


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