Fun with Gun – dope Bro busting rabid granny ghost

Fantastic, non-stop action shooter game! Funny ghost, we can call him just Bro, with big gun and hyper-power ammo will pump the adrenaline straight into your brain!
The story is about our cool boy, who was playing mobile games all day long with other bros and his loved granny, who could not resist those annoying lazy bastards anymore. Later, when old granny passed away, her spirit saw all the gang fooling around again in her house, and her ghost get mad and rabid. She started to clone her spirit in hordes of crazy ghosts and sent them to bust a hell out of her grandson. Fortunately, our dope Bro have some serious gun and shooting skills to take those annoying enemies down. And insane shooting brawl started immediately. All other bros grabbed their unreal guns too, and extreme amount of bullets was shoot out to defense the lazy gang lifestyle. Granny was spawning insane amount of ghosts and extreme deathmatch rise up.
Falling anvils and flying horseshoes will whack your bro, but his oversized head is hard enough to withstand for a while. And clearing out hordes of enemies in all levels one by one will be the only way to survive that nightmare.

Features of this dope game:
– 90 Levels of intense action
– 20 different character Bros
– lot of extreme weapons with insane shooting power
– lot of unexpected disturbing obstructions

Take your gun and join other bros in this brawl, to smash, crush and destroy!
Warning – Your granny will not be happy to see this game. 🙂

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